The puppeteer Mangiafuoco is a rough and demanding fellow, a big man, impulsive and rude. He moves around in his large van that turns into the traveling Grand Theater, complete with stage, signs, and lights. Under his hard shell, Mangiafuoco hides a good nature and the heart of a child amazed by funny and thrilling […]

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Master Cherry

Cherry is a funny guy constantly showing off and trying to hide his baldness under a wig that never stays still. He is the whimsical owner of the store across the street from Geppetto’s. Master Cherry sells electronics: gadgets, household, leisure items, and any other technological gizmo. He enjoys making fun of Geppetto, considering him […]

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Candlewick is a young boy who always tells stories. He is not a bad child, but he does everything he can to be accepted by his classmates… and he does it the wrong way by trying to stand out. Undisciplined, his attitude hides a fragile and insecure personality. Pinocchio is a true friend to him, […]

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The Cat and the Fox

The Cat and the Fox are a couple of rascals who live for the day, convinced they will move in a world populated by chickens to pluck. The Cat and the Fox are ambitious but lazy adventurers, dreaming of a comfortable but idle life, with riches and no work. This drives them in a continuous, […]

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He is the Fairy’s four-legged puppy, a big dog with a funny and gruff look who never gets upset and only obeys the Fairy. […]

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Tending the home of the Fairy with Turquoise Hair is the housekeeper Agnese, a large snail of undefinable age. Agnese is unpredictable, she is slow only when she feels like it. The Fairy values her opinion: indeed, Agnese has a keen eye and a strong intuition and knows how to properly assess the people she […]

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The Fairy with Turquoise Hair

Bizarre and surprising, the Fairy with Turquoise Hair is a magical creature with a great passion for shoes, regularly entrusting missions to Pinocchio: The Fairy has too many requests to fulfill and cannot do everything alone. She lives with her beloved dog Medoro and her housekeeper, Agnese, in a mysterious house in the Magic Woods, […]

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Papa Geppetto

Geppetto is a bit of a craftsman, a bit of an inventor, a bit of a visionary weirdo, and he runs his Shop of Wonders by himself. Here, old objects become new again and things never seen before come to life. Pinocchio, the Cricket and Freeda are Geppetto’s best friends, and he spends his days […]

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The Talking Cricket

The Talking Cricket is not a toy, but a real cricket charged by the Fairy with Turquoise Hair to keep an eye on Pinocchio and his friends during her absence. Comically fearful and apprehensive, terrified of the outside world that Pinocchio likes so much, the grumpy Cricket follows the two protagonists in their daily adventures. […]

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The brave pirate doll Freeda is Pinocchio’s inseparable companion. Wild and fearless, Freeda is always ready to set sail. When things seem impossible to solve, Freeda’s intuition always comes into play and the doll finds a solution to make things right. Freeda is the daughter of a famous pirate, Captain Sweetbeard, and dreams of becoming […]

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Lively, curious, a bit reckless, Pinocchio sometimes tells little lies which he believes are for good reason. Too bad his nose always stretches as soon as he tells one, and Pinocchio eventually tells the truth – always! Our little hero wants to explore the vast world beyond the threshold of Geppetto’s Shop, fascinated by all […]

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